NEW 6 Week Course

- online live classes -

From 19.04.21 - 30.05.21

3x a week 

Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays

1x per 6 weeks 

30 minute "Deep Dive" into

a certain exercise or body part

13.05.21 "Pilates on the Swiss Ball"

Flexible schedule!

If the schedule does not suit you have

48 hour access to the movement class!

Price: €150

Registration here


Pilates Strength & Balance

Work your strength & balance from head to toe with powerful yet balanced movements. We use tools such as soft overball & magic circle


9 - 10 am (GMT+2)

+48 hours viewing of class

Pilates tools.jpg


Elastic band

Loop elastic band (or tie your elastic in a loop)

0.5 kg weights (or water bottles)

22 cm soft overball

Magic circle (or ball + elastic)

Ankle weights (not necessary)

Spiky ball (nice but not necessary)


Pilates Stretch & Flow

+ Mini Meditation


An in-depth class that focuses on controlled movement, fascia work & active stretching + mini meditation

9 - 10 am (GMT+2)

+48 hours viewing of class


Power Pilates

A challenging & powerful class with small weights & other tools for a perfectly toned, strong & balanced body

9 - 10 am (GMT+2)

+72 hours viewing of class

In the meantime...

Enjoy a Free 60 minute Power Pilates class