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7 Day June Challenge!

Hello my lovely people!

On Monday 27th of June I am launching 7 day movement challenge for all members of the RHL online studio! JOIN ME!!! It will be so good! Take a look at the challenge below (there is also a pdf for you at the bottom of the page to download and print out before Monday).

We will move together live online on Monday and Thursday (don't worry, you can do the workout later if the live class doesn't suit your schedule) and then the other workouts in the 7 challenge you can do whenever! If you really want to join make room for moving in your calendar. Best would be to schedule them like a meeting in your Google cal or iCloud cal. And maybe let a friend know you're doing the challenge! Ask him/her to join you. You got this!

Search for the workout videos by name in the respective channel or search by "7-day challenge" from the drop-down menu. Easy peasy!

Join the new closed community page on Facebook and share your progress, pictures of you during the 7 day challenge and other health-related things that are helpful to your fellow movers! I´ll be active on there as well; share my day, post pictures, reply to your questions etc!

Still not a member of the online studio? You still have time to join here! And there's a 7 day free trial!

I'm looking forward to moving with you!

xx Rakel

June 7 day Challenge
Download PDF • 54KB


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