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I love spring.

Where everything starts coming to life. The cherry blossoms and magnolia trees bring about such magnificent beauty that it´ s hard not to feel inspired. Inspired to make a few wise changes. It is the perfect time for letting go of bad habits and creating new and healthier ones. With rising temperatures the body naturally starts craving for lighter foods such as watermelons and gazpacho instead of the heartier meals of winter making it the perfect chance to make a fresh start.

The easiest way to begin is first and foremost, adapting a new mindset. Nothing is going to happen over night. Your skin is not going to change from "no-glow" to "SUPER-GLOW" in five minutes and your waist isn´ t going to shrink two sizes in 3 days.

Expecting miracles and putting too much pressure on yourself is only going to bring your spirits down and leave you open to failure. With that spring in your step give yourself some time and approach your steps with kindness. Goal setting is important, yes! But keep your goals realistic and reachable. It makes the whole process more enjoyable.

If you are on the path of wanting to make a couple of wiser choices regarding your health the following points could get you off to a good start:

* Keep it balanced! Is there a balance in your meal between the macronutrients. Does it contain any protein, healthy fats and fiber-rich, healthy carbohydrates? Keeping the meals balanced is a key to maintaining a healthy weight, feeling energized and satisfied after a meal. Research show that to increase the feeling of satiety after a meal at least 25% of your meal´ s total energy should come from good and healthy fats. Some suggestions include avocados, nuts, seeds and fatty fish.

* Is your meal nutrient-dense? (foods that have a high level of nutrients but are relatively low in calories) Focusing on nutrient density instead of focusing only on calories will bring more pleasure to your meals. Your body will sooner become full and more satisfied after a meal and hopefully in the process bring your total energy intake down. Experiment with new recipes and try out new dishes in the process. Some suggestions include Kale, Collard Greens, Carrots, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Flax Seeds, Avocados and Eggs.

* Does your meal give you energy? Your foods should give you energy not rob you of it. Hard-to-digest foods such as dairy, pastries, starchy foods, fatty foods, and high protein diets can put a lot of pressure on your digestive system. Keep your meals balances, fiber-rich, nutrient-dense and drink sufficient water to keep your energy levels up.

* Catch some zzzz.... Getting sufficient sleep will keep your hormone levels in balance, support your immune system, keep inflammation in the body in check and support a healthy and balanced body & mind.

* Watch your #two´ s! A person ´s health status can often be measured by looking at their digestion and release. Start paying attention to both. A healthy digestion shouldn´ t make your belly rumble or create gas-filled and uncomfortable release. In a flawless world our release should look like a sleek & slim banana.

Lastly, start adding some of the following foods to your diet. These foods are nutrient-dense, have alkalizing effects in the body and therefore have the ability to decrease inflammation. In other words, possess the ability to give your skin some of that added glow you´ re after, reducing your waist circumference, keeping your joints and skin smooth and supple as well as supporting your immune system and warding off infections.

* Lemons * Avocados * Watermelons * Carrots * Kale

* Broccoli * Spinach * Blueberries * Turmeric * Garlic

* Ginger * Almonds * Brazil Nuts * Chia Seeds * Linseeds

* Oats * Quinoa * Organic Olive Oil * Organic Coconut oil

* Chia oil * Hempseed Oil * Spirulina * Organic eggs

Just don´ t put too much pressure on your self. With your new mindset at hand there is a way to make that fresh start a little more pleasurable and give you more long-lasting results.



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