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Exclusive Online Pilates & Wellness Studio


Are you ready to feel stronger, have more confidence, feel

more flexible and more aligned mentally & physically?


Join me on the mat wherever & whenever suits you best!

Become a member and gain access to over 250 of workouts. 

Full Body Challenge - No tools - 10 mins
Power Pilates - 60 mins - Tools. 0.5 kg weights & soft overball
Stretch & Flow - 60 mins - Tools soft overball & elastic
Standing Pilates - No tools - 15 mins
Full Body on the mat - no tools - 5 mins
Full Body Standing - Chair - 5 mins
1 minute Planking Challenge
A note from Rakel

Hey guys!

I'm Rakel. Founder of Rakel Healthy Living.

 The way we move our bodies over here is life-changing.

It is so much more than just physical movement or exercise.

Body & mind are brought back into balance. You will move with ease and be free of pain. The way we move gives a sense of confidence & strength, both physically and mentally. It sets us on a path of viewing our bodies in a more respectful manner and discovering what our bodies can do. Understanding that there is always space to celebrate every small progress made and space to recognise room for improvement.

You will experience more strength & mobility and a more connected mind & body, I´ll see you on inside.

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About the online studio

Rakel Healthy Living is an online pilates & wellness studio.


Here we do things a little bit differently.

We are body-positive around here. We move to feel good. We move to feel powerful. We move to increase our mobility and to de-stress. My background in the different fields of health allows me to bring you a program of true balance & wellbeing. In our workouts we work on various factors that affect our physical & mental health. We move from a 30 minute "Strength & Balance" class to a "Stretch & Flow" class to a "Power Pilates" class to "5 minute Mindfulness Meditation" to "12 minute abs" and everything in between. We work on different aspects of the body and mind to allow our system to not only function but flourish.

From now and again we do „challenges“ for 7 days up to 30 days. It's always up to you if you want to join each challenge. We have a closed community page on Facebook where we share thoughts and ask questions. We share our results there when we are doing the challenges and I might throw in a recipe or two when I´m feeling „extra“ as my children would say it. There you can also ask for help & guidance in your search for wellness and good health. 

By becoming a member you will have access to over 250 exercise videos on demand ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and twice weekly live online classes with Rakel.


I also offer in-person classes in Luxembourg as well as wellness coaching & private pilates classes both online and in person.


To work out whenever and wherever you are become a member here:


About the online studio


About Rakel

Rakel Healthy Living.jpg

Rakel Sigurdardottir

I am an APPI and a Fit Pilates Instructor as well as a Franklin Method Educator.

I have been teaching pilates, movement & meditation since 2010.


I am also a nutritionist and a positive psychology practitioner.


I am passionate about human health and human potential. My focus is on health promotion & prevention. I combine my education and work in the different fields of health where I believe true balance & wellbeing can only be reached when we work on the different components that make up our physical & mental health.

I am an enthusiastic and continuous learner in the fields of pilates, nutrition, health & positive psychology, MBSR/MBCT, mindful eating and the science of wellbeing and happiness. 


Female client, Luxembourg

"My lower back has been blocked for many months, before and after my difficult pregnancy. After my second class with Rakel I felt a release I haven't felt in years. I was so relieved I cried after."

Happy clients


Female client, USA

"Pilates with @rakelhealthyliving

is honestly like a drug!"


Female client, Luxembourg

"I have tried different classes over the years & Rakel´s classes are simply the best. I always feel so good after."



Rakel Healthy Living

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