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Rakel Healthy Living is an online pilates & wellness studio.

By becoming a member you will have access to over 150 exercise videos on demand

ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and twice weekly live online classes with Rakel.

 We also offer in-person classes in Luxembourg as well as wellness

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The atmosphere in our classes, both online and in person,  is warm and friendly

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At Rakel Healthy Living we believe that pilates is for everyone. To be able to

follow through on that belief and to keep prices fair our concept is:

high commitment -  low fees.

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Registration for in-person courses are trimester-based and non-refundable.

If you miss a class then that's your responsibility. Our in-person courses

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please send an email to contact@rakelhealthyliving.com

A note from Rakel on the online studio

In my mind, pilates is life-changing. It is so much more than just physical movement or exercise. It brings your body & mind into balance. It gives you a sense of confidence & strength, both physically and mentally. It sets you on a path of viewing your body in a more respectful manner and discovering what your body can do. Understanding that there is always space to celebrate every small progress made and space to recognise room for improvement you will experience more strength & mobility and a more connected mind & body,


In our online as well as our in-person classes you will see how movement & exercise are equally helpful in energizing as well as calming both body & mind.




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Rakel Sigurdardottir

I am an APPI and Fit Pilates Instructor & have been teaching pilates since 2010.


I am also a nutritionist and a positive psychology practitioner.


I am passionate about human health and human potential. My focus is on health promotion & prevention rather than cure. I combine my education and work in the different fields of health where I believe true balance & wellbeing can only be reached when we work on the different components that make up our physical & mental health.


I regard the body as an ecosystem, where different aspects of the body and mind need to be in balance for the ecosystem to function.


This is where the magic happens.

Our classes offer a mindful way of reaching that balance. 


I am an enthusiastic and continuous learner in the fields of pilates, nutrition, health & positive psychology, MBSR/MBCT, mindful eating and the science of wellbeing and happiness. 


Female client, Luxembourg

"You are a very gifted teacher and I am so grateful that you helped me discover your classes."



Female client, USA

“Joining your class has been one of the best things I did. It has given me so much confidence. ”


Female client, Iceland

"Since I started Pilates with Rakel my physical health has changed so much for the better that it is incredible."



Rakel Healthy Living

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