Rakel Healthy Living

Nutrition & Health Consultation

Customer Testimonials 

 "I worked with Rakel for the first time in January 2016, looking for a new healthier diet and a re-set month.

Rakel built a program for me taking care of all details, nutrition programs including shopping lists, links on where to buy certain things, practical advice etc. She also kept an eye on my diet daily through a food diary I kept online. We had some very good consultations via Skype where I got to really understand the reasons behind the food programs and the supporting advice...

Customer Testimonials 

Organizations & Businesses

"We invited Rakel to do a session for our organization in Qatar because it was a difficult time with a lot of changes in the industry and for the company which was heading to closure a few months later, which meant that staff were under a lot of personal stress due to the on-going changes in their personal and professional lives.

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